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About Croquis

Love, Art & Color

Since 1998 passion for art and color, joint with permanent plastique curiosity has led our team to explore different segments of art. Croquis' lines and forms, become themselves an indisputable distinguished seal of our own brand and turn each garment in a unique work of art.

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By Croquis

Is this new technique and material exploration, that has taken us to participate in the casual apparel market for women, children (both female and male), footwear, formal clothing, deco and accesories, turning Croquis in a true art and textile experimental atelier.

Our commitment goes beyond artistic textile intervention, we have become interested in rescuing our city's own cultural traditions and background.

Deep social responsibility has framed the whole Croquis development, for our company has been vitally important to participate in the strengthening of the female figure as a productive entity and focus of Cali's cultural expansion. Croquis offers growth opportunities to female household heads in their productive, administrative and commercial process.








These are then, the three development lines that are visualized as future growth pillars of our company: Everyday art, the city integration and social responsibility with women, that's what makes Croquis an ever growing atelier, where passion for art and color joint together in a day by day art, a quotidian art.
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By Croquis

The designer

Margarita Yepes (architect) founded Croquis, an Atelier dedicated to textile design, that from 1998 started elaborating unique pieces hand-painted with the most traditional technique, brush, and later adding fabric overlapping, volume and other effects that turn every dress and garment into a work of art, a delight for sight and touch.

Margarita considers her clients art collectors, who along the years treasure pieces that speak volumes about Croquis evolution and every stage that it goes through. Her ambition is to build a company that reflects its country, that projects our interest in the local scene turning it global, showing it to the world, that works always thinking with environmental and social conscience, all of these elements can be seen in each and every one of the Croquis pieces, their packaging and the Atelier.

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