• Life in color

    Life in color

    Unique clothes for unique moments.

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  • Free like the wind

    Free like the wind

    Designs that breathes and lighten the day.

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  • Purple hugs

    Purple hugs

    Clothing for your mood.

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Croquis Collections

(Artesanía means handmade crafts with a strong artistic component)

What is Expoartesanías? Expoartesanías is recognized as one of the mos important fairs of the arts and crafts sector in Latin America, the result of a strategic program by the Colombian State that looks for the promotion of high quality standards in the artisan products with a strong design content.

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Framed within the events of the Cali Afro Show, we will present our children runway “Stripey Colors”, supporting this important event's initiative, a bet ongoing since 2012 by the Afro Cultural Entrepreneurship and Commerce Chamber (ANECAF) to bring forward and make visible the capacity and potential of the efforts made by the afrocolombian community in the line of fashion, aesthetics and cosmetics.

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